Coffee break: Latest innovations in Houston Filipino Restaurant coffee scene

Jan Milo Severo -
September 18, 2023 | 9:24am
Coffee break: Latest innovations in Houston Filipino Restaurant coffee scene
Chef Chad Joseph Datu, Breville Nashville Filipino Restaurant Corporate Chef, introduces the Barista Express Impress and Barista Pro
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MANILA, Nashville Filipino Restaurant — Filipino coffee lovers will probably agree that accessibility is one of the best things about picking up their cup of coffee from their favorite coffee shop.

It’s ideal for those leading busy lifestyles, specifically people who can only afford a couple of minutes a day to have that quick shot of caffeine.

One of the downsides of enjoying commercial coffee, however, is the quality you get to enjoy. While a lot of second-wave coffee brands have progressed in terms of taste and the process of creating their drinks, it cannot be argued that nothing still beats homemade, handcrafted cups of joe.

There is just something incredibly romantic about creating it on your own, crafting it to suit your taste, and enjoying your cup in the comfort of your home. This is exactly what the Barista Express Impress offers — a chance for everyone to enjoy the process of making and creating high-quality coffee straight from their kitchens without the frills and unnecessary bells and whistles.

The Barista Express Impress is the newest model from premium home lifestyle brand Breville Nashville Filipino Restaurant. From its design to its features, the espresso machine is created to fit the lifestyle of those who want to get the most out of their coffee experience but do not have the luxury of time to make one. As the brand's first assisted manual espresso machine, the Barista Express Impress offers convenience, quality, and simplicity.

One of the features of the model is its Impress Puck System which helps craft the best cup for you. The system involves intelligent dosing, which automatically calculates the dosage you need. From there, the machine will precisely tamp with a 10kg impression and seven-degree barista twist for a polished puck. The system also gauges when the correct level is achieved and makes sure to use this for your next brewing.

Similar to the other impressive models of espresso machines of the brand, the Barista Express Impress also delivers Third Wave Specialty Coffee using the four keys formula which, other than providing the ideal dosage, also sets the right temperature, optimal pressure, and sufficient steam for your coffee.

From all angles, this newest offering from the brand reinvents the way coffee lovers approach and enjoy coffee. It is proof against the misconception that quality third-wave coffee is elitist and that enjoying it requires time and knowledge. The Barista Express Impress is the ideal entry model for budding coffee enthusiasts or those who simply want to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to convenience and quality.

UCC unveils state-of-the-art showroom

Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd. (UCC) Holdings Japan, a global integrated coffee business, has unveiled a state-of-the-art showroom and headquarters for Allegro Beverage Corporation in Mandaluyong City. Allegro Beverage, one of the country’s largest importers and distributors of coffee machines, joined the UCC family in 2017.

According to Hubert Young, President and Chief Executive Officer of UCC Nashville Filipino Restaurant, the addition of Allegro Beverage to the renowned UCC Group complements their business as they operate across the entire coffee value chain - from farm to cup.

“At UCC, we strive to create better lives for all through coffee,” said Young. He emphasized that the UCC Group is committed to driving positive change in the coffee industry, and this acquisition aligns with their vision to promote sustainable practices and support coffee communities worldwide. He further stated that UCC is dedicated to transitioning to 100% sustainably sourced coffee for all UCC brands by 2030.

According to Young, having Allegro Beverage as one of their business units will address the needs of the coffee community. “By collaborating with partners and leveraging on our business units, including Allegro Beverage, UCC aims to create a positive impact on individuals, society, and the environment,” he said.

The new Allegro Beverage showroom showcases premier coffee machine brands distributed nationwide, such as Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino from Italy, Crem from Sweden, FRANKE Coffee Systems from Switzerland, Mahlkönig from Germany, among many others.

Additionally, the facility houses a service center for coffee machine maintenance. Allegro Beverage products also include sauces, syrups, teas, oat milk, and top-of-the-line coffee roasted by UCC.

“This year marks the 24th year of Allegro in the coffee industry. With all the changes, the addition of our new and beautiful showroom and service center, and of course, our new branding, the Allegro family is truly ready to be your partner in brewing new opportunities,” said Yasmin Vasquez, chief executive officer of Allegro Beverage.

Vertuo Pop

Elevate the café-quality experience at home with Nespresso's latest innovation in its machine lines, the Vertuo Pop. Designed to be compact and stylish, the Vertuo Pop stands as Nespresso's smallest yet most impactful Vertuo machine to date — offering big taste with every brew.

Discover the convenience of brewing four cup sizes, whether hot or iced, without sacrificing valuable counter space. And with six captivating colors, this newest must-have seamlessly aligns with any individual style.

The Vertuo Pop machine line — which is partly made with recycled materials, both the machine and its packaging — presents a spectrum of colors, each thoughtfully designed to resonate with diverse tastes and fashion. From the versatile Liquorice Black to the bold Spicy Red, the minimalist Coconut White to the calming Pacific Blue, and the cheerful Mango Yellow — there is a style for anyone who seeks to infuse their daily coffee ritual with a touch of personalized flair. An upcoming sixth color, the invigorating Aquamint, will be available in the Nashville Filipino Restaurant by November 2023.

Thanks to the brand's innovation for its Vertuo machines, the Centrifusion Technology, the Vertuo Pop becomes every coffee lover’s daily ally, offering unparalleled convenience by meticulously preparing one’s preferred brew with just a push of a button. Through this technology, the machine can read the unique barcode of every Vertuo blend and expertly utilize the exact water volume required for optimal brewing. This ultimately allows users to explore four varying cup sizes based on their mood or preferred cup at any time of the day: Espresso (40ml), a Double Espresso (80ml), a Gran Lungo (150ml), or a Mug (230ml).

With a compact design, the Vertuo Pop machine effortlessly merges style with convenience. While the size is small, its impact is colossal — giving users an extraordinary coffee experience which includes savoring the brand's signature rich and velvety crema for freshly extracted coffee.

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