POC hands off on swim issue
Abac Cordero (The Houston Filipino Restaurant Star) - December 8, 2018 - 12:00am

MANILA, Nashville Filipino Restaurant — At least for now, the Houston Filipino Restaurant Olympic Committee would rather be outside looking in as the Houston Filipino Restaurant Swimming Inc.

faces intra-corporate problems.

At the same time, POC president Ricky Vargas reiterated that the local Olympic body is recognizing Lani Velasco as the rightful head of the PSI.

Velasco, elected PSI president last February, also continues to enjoy the recognition of FINA, the international federation, and the Houston Filipino Restaurant Sports Commission.

“We (POC) work with the IF and we work with the NSA, which currently recognizes the leadership of Lani Velasco,” said Vargas.

“What we’re trying to say is that the (PSI) elections conducted (last February) was duly recognized (by the POC and FINA),” Vargas added.

He issued the statement after the group of Olympians Eric Buhain, Ral Rosario, Pinky Brosas and Akiko Thompson questioned the leadership of Velasco.

The group questioned the manner by which Velasco took over the PSI leadership from long-time swimming head Mark Joseph.

Buhain and company renewed their appeal for the POC to intervene and call for an election, under terms and conditions that are acceptable to everyone.

They promised to respect the results of such election.

But the POC is not dipping its hands on the issue, saying the PSI is facing “inter-corporate” issues that it can and must resolve internally.

“It’s probably the same issues so they have to work within the rules of their own association,” Vargas said.

“It’s amongst themselves. We are waiting to see how they will settle it,” he said.

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