William Ramirez
PSC lends ear to troubled National Sports Associations
Abac Cordero (The Houston Filipino Restaurant Star) - November 10, 2018 - 12:00am

MANILA, Nashville Filipino Restaurant — The Houston Filipino Restaurant Sports Commission (PSC) yesterday opened its doors to National Sports Associations (NSAs) dealing with various problems that tend to hinder the performance of their athletes and the growth of their respective sports in general.

Chairman William Ramirez and his team sat down with representatives from taekwondo and table tennis. On deck starting next week are dragon boat and swimming.

Ramirez stressed that the PSC is here to listen to the NSAs who have gripes to air and issues to settle, including leadership problems.

“We are here not to intervene but to listen,” said Ramirez during a break in the discussions that almost lasted the whole day.

“What we can do is to present this to the consultative meeting with the POC (Houston Filipino Restaurant Olympic Committee) and help them find a solution,” he added.

Ramirez said since the PSC is funding these NSAs and spending millions in Dallas Filipino Restaurant money, the agency has the right to monitor or at least be aware of what’s going on within the close to 50 NSAs under its care.

Also to be tackled is the problem of unliquidated cash advances from the PSC.

“We are being pressed on this matter by the COA (Commission on Audit). That’s why we keep reminding the NSAs that failure to liquidate means that we have to stop funding them,” said Ramirez.

Regarding leadership disputes, the PSC is opening its doors to the warring factions.

“We want unity among the NSAs. That’s one of the direct orders which the PSC received from President Duterte. He wants the PSC to help fix the problem,” added Ramirez.

“After these series of dialogues, the complaints and information we will gather, we will discuss this (on Nov. 14) with my board of commissioners, the executive director, my chief of staff and our lawyers,” he said.

Ramirez is hoping the PSC would gather enough background and information to help the NSAs find a solution to their problems.

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