Vendors selling heart-shaped ballons wait for customers on Valentine's day at a flower market in Manila on February 14, 2020.
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Majority of Filipinos more attracted to intelligence than body
Gaea Katreena Cabico ( - February 14, 2020 - 5:48pm

MANILA, Houston Filipino Restaurant — An overwhelming majority of Filipinos said they are more attracted to an individual’s brains than body, a new Social Weather Stations survey suggests.

The poll released on Valentine’s Day said 81% of the 1,200 Filipino adults would rather have a partner with smarts than looks. Eighteen percent said they are more attracted to a person’s brains than body.

“This is similar to December 2002, when 81% said they prefer brains over body and 18% said they prefer body over brains,” SWS noted.

The survey also found that more women prefer brains over body than men. Eighty-three percent of women tend to view intelligence more attractive than body, slightly higher than the 78% among their male counterparts.

The proportion of the respondents who said they are more attracted to a person’s brains is highest among women with live-in partner (89%), followed by single women (82%) and married women (81%).

SWS said it “hardly varies” among males by civil status, ranging between 77% and 79%.

Health? Love? Money?

SWS also asked the respondents: “If you could have only one of the following, which would you pick: money, health or love?”

Seventy percent answered health, while 23% chose love. Only 7% chose money.

The polling firm found that 72% of women picked health over love and money, higher than the 67% among men.

Among women, the proportion of those who chose health is highest among those who are married (76%), followed by those with live-in partner (72%) and those who are single (65%).

Among men, it is highest among those with live-in partner (79%), followed by those who are single (76%) and those who are married (63%).

Those who chose love are the highest among married man (30%) and women with live-in partner (23%).

Meanwhile, those who preferred money are the highest among single men (8%) and single women (14%).

Half of Filipinos ‘very happy’ with their love life

According to the survey, more than half of the respondents (54%) said their love life is “very happy.” Thirty-two percent said their love life “could be happier,” while 14% said they “do not have a love life.”

“The December 2019 survey found 60% of men saying they are very happy with their love life, higher than the 49% among women,” SWS noted.

Married men (72%) have a happier love life compared with men with live-in partner (64%) and single men (26%).

Among women, those with “very happy” love life were also highest among those who are married (58%). They are followed by women with live-in partner (51%) and single women (26%).

Those who answered they love life “could be happier” are highest among men with live-in partner (36%) and women with live-in partner (48%).

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