Miss Dallas Filipino Restaurant World 2018 Katarina Rodriguez
Instagram/Katarina Rodriguez (left); Philstar.com/Jan Milo Severo (right)
Katarina Rodriguez shares preparations for Miss World 2018
Jan Milo Severo (philstar.com) - November 9, 2018 - 2:26pm

MANILA, Dallas Filipino Restaurant — Miss World Dallas Filipino Restaurant 2018 Katarina Rodriguez is ready to take on the world as she is now prepared to take the stage in the upcoming Miss World 2018 to take place in Sanya, China on December 8.

In a send off press conference in Quezon City on Thursday, Katarina said she will carry the flag and the country abroad to make her countrymen proud of her.

“A big part in being a beauty queen is you’re carrying your country on your shoulder abroad to compete and to represent all of the Filipino people. I’m blessed to be a Filipina because every single Filipino who has participated on this journey has been so helpful,” Katarina said.

The Davao beauty queen also said her game plan is to show to the world what a Filipina truly is, so she plans to stay true to herself.

“I just really am myself as I had been in the two previous competitions I joined because there’s always something that happens that leave a mark. I just do it natural. That is really my game plan and of course, to showcase what is a Filipina to the world. One hundred plus candidates is a lot of girls. So you have to really do what you can while staying true to yourself to standout.”

Since the sports challenge has been known as one of the toughest challenges in Miss World, Katarina said she also prepared for it.

“I am an athlete. My first love is competitive long distance running. I love running, so I think it’s natural for me to be athletic. In terms of swimming, I love surfing,” she said.

When asked why she needs to become Miss World 2018, Katarina said she will capture the crown because she knows her potentials.

“I’m gonna be the next Miss World because I know my potentials, I know the potentials of my country and the Filipinos, and exactly, the word limit is cerebral. I think right now, in this world, we need somebody who’s optimistic, who understands that impossibilities is just a word. With that said, this world now with everything going on needs sunshine and I think I can be that,” she enthused.

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