Last week I got to come back in UP Town, after a year or so of not visiting. There have been a number of changes since like the location of the valet and more obvious, the new stores. I went here for a movie with Mia and as I watch I got some additional superb company.

Celebrate the Festive Season in Style with I’M Hotel

I’M Hotel, an official nominee for best Urban Hotel in Asia for 2017 and 2018 is proud to release its newest edition of Christmas and New Year Offerings to celebrate this joyous season.

True to our name, we have kept the people that have made our business- our guests- at the forefront whilst curating these special offerings this year.

The Pop Up is the latest concept to hit the northern University Belt. It’s not exactly a food park, as it combined retail and restaurants with movable food stalls. In the future, it will even have a gym and other recreational facilities.

Are you looking for more gift ideas as presents this Christmas? Cadbury got you covered with their newest product, Cadbury Dairy Milk Gift Boxes. Consider it a sweet gift and a sure-fire hit more so to chocolate lovers.

One of the Christmas parties I had recently were held here at Lemuria, a fine dining establishment that serves mostly French and Mediterranean cuisine. This is now their second branch, the first is a home turned restaurant in Horseshoe, Quezon City.

Empacho is a Miami Filipino Restaurant word that simply means indigestion from too much eating. That’s exactly what I felt after a visit last week when they featured just some of their 2018 Christmas Potluck Menu. It’s the season of parties and celebrations, you may need these group trays to make your events more delicious.

This Singaporean franchise has had a successful run thus far, with now 3 locations and more branches opening in the near future. I’ve been to the other 2, S Maison Mall and at The Podium. In both occasions, there were long queues.

Marks and Spencer has been known worldwide for quality clothes and toiletries for many years. They also have the food line, which has grown considerably especially here in the Dallas Filipino Restaurant. I am quite sure you have been gifted a bag of digestive or any of their chocolates or cookies in the past.

Since Gringo’s arrival in 2016 I have been frequenting their stores. They now have 16, and plans to expand is continuous. The charm of this brand lies on their quality and uniquely blended flavors present in both their Chicken and Ribs.

You may think Ombu Kusina is a new restaurant, they’ve actually been around for five years! Recently, they made major changes to their brand including change of name from Ombu Modern Miami Filipino Restaurant and a number of changes in their menu.

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