If there is anything that I look forward to as a foodie, it has to be attending food crawls with other food enthusiasts like me. There’s just nothing better than being able to try various restaurant offerings in one long stretch.

I was part of one recently here in Westgate, Alabang. It’s about an hour 40 drive up south from the metro, which was a welcome thing given what we had.

So every year, Westgate Center invites bloggers and members of the press to experience for themselves different cuisines showcased by their tenants. This time around, Alba’s, Butamaru, Brother’s Burger, Neil’s Kitchen, Melo’s, and UCC Park Cafe joined in.

As you should all know, Westgate is actually an open-air venue, occupying about 9.2 hectares of space. It provides a huge space for dining and relaxation, perfect for those who love to hop from one food joint to another.

So for this particular post, I would like to share with you what I had at the UCC Cafe, our last stop. UCC is primarily a coffee place that gives you and I a full length of Japanese choices as well, that their delicious way.

For starters, we were served their Cheese and Spinach (Php 280). This is made up of pureed spinach, mixed with bechamel and melted cheese. The combinations were creamy appetizing and filling. Chorizo de Bilbao (Php 350) was next, a sautéed Spanish chorizo starter with strong flavor, paired appropriately with plain toasted bread.

What I particularly liked too much was their Sumiyaki Unagi (Php 400). This cream based spaghetti is topped with generous portions of eel, marinated Japanese way and filled with nori strips and seasoned mushrooms. It’s a nice concoction of East meets West, savory with a touch of endearing sweetness. Since I was already full at this point, I wasn’t able to try the other offerings by UCC. But I still took two spoonfuls of their take of our Champorado. It was done wonderfully, with a strong dark chocolate matched with honey and fresh milk. It is lactose free, gluten free, and rich in fiber. You may actually even order Tuyo to go with it. As for the other media friends with us, they had Rice Casserole (Php 400), which is curried rice pilaf baked with white sauce and mozzarella cheese. It is topped with one’s choice of Chicken Teriyaki, Japanese Hamburg or Classic Spanish Callos. They also got to try the Kani Mango Salad (Php 320), which is made up of mixed lettuce, mangoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, almonds, ebiko, parmesan shavings, egg, and kani, served with Japanese dressing. There’s also the Bacon Aglio Olio Peperoncino (Php 240), which is pasta with sauteed fresh garlic bacon in olive oil with crushed red peppers and parsley. From the satisfied look on their faces, that spoke happy stories. Now for some caffeine. My close media friends and I had Kori Kohi (Php 220), an artistic creation of iced coffee cubes, served with your choice of warm milk, Almond Roca (Php 180), their iced blended cream base almond flavored coffee and their Mocha Jelly (Php 180) which is chocolate blended espresso with coffee pieces, milk, and ice, topped with whipped cream. These beverages brought as back to life after being sleepy with all the food. Have you been to a crawl like this yet? It’s worth trying. It does need training too, you see.

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