There’s just something special about Japanese cuisine as it continuously finds its way to our hearts. Because of its variety, it should be expected that one can see Japanese restaurants booming all over the metro. One of which is Ta Ke Ho Me, a place that specializes in sushi at a very affordable price.

So if you’re craving for some sushi, Ta Ke Ho Me would rather have you bring it home with you, thus they took a creative play of words on their name. You can however, stay in their spot if you wish.

So what we actually had are a combination of the usual variety of sushi that people are most familiar with, with some innovative ones, one of which is their deep fried version. We had California Maki (kani, mango, and ebiko), Ta Ke Ho Me Roll (salmon, cream cheese, and bonito flakes), Spicy Tuna (tuna and panko), Migori (torched salmon and cucumber miso mayo), and Dragon Ball (spicy smoked salmon, mango, and togarashi), all for just Php99 for 9 pieces. The thing that I liked most is their Ta Ke Ho Me Roll. You’ll know why when you try one yourself. 🙂

If you wish to avail some more of their sushis for a party or an office gathering, you can get an even better value than the P99 picks. For only P299, you can already avail for 24 pieces of sushi, and 40 if you pay P499. I suggest that you better call them in advance for reservation as it would take them some time to prepare your order.

They also have Saikoro steak cubes which retails for Php99, with four cubes on a skewer. Theirs has more marble of meat and fat compared to Wagyu sticks being offered in other restaurants.

As for their beverages, they have some imported ones in can. I was able to try Pokka Strawberry and Melon Milk. They were sold at regular prices, which isn’t bad for a canned drink. These are better consumed of course with lots of ice.

So if you’re on a budget and in the mood for sushi, I recommend Ta Ke Ho Me to bust your cravings.

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