It was our usual weekday meeting and last night we picked Aysee for working dinner. It’s been ages since I had their food. In fact the last time was during my college days, almost 20 years ago. And yes, they have multiple branches now.

Aysee’s charm and road to success sits on their take on Pampanga born, Sisig. We got two of the original pork with egg, Chicken and Bangus varieties. None of these, however, impressed me. The pork was mushy and salty and the two others filled with mayonnaise as if it was a sandwich spread.

What I did like was their take on Sinigang na Hipon. It was like mom’s cooking. They even took out the shells for us already, as I requested. The soup sourness was on point, it was perfect with warm plain rice. We also had tender Beef Steak and Kang Kong, a good combination of meat and veggies. Both of these were also served generously and at an affordable price tag. Aysee’s now delivers. And although last night wasn’t an ideal setting to try their food straight from the kitchen, am still glad they stuck around all these years.

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