Do you remember the Milk Tea craze that hit us years ago? Every corner, even to one’s peripheral vision, there was a milk tea stand, whatever brand it was. Today, lots closed and some remained. It’s not as wanted like it used to be, no more long lines, but am glad they are here to stay.

Moonleaf has more than 20 branches now. And I think they have room to expand still. Nearest me, like a hundred steps away, is one of their popular stores. I had their refreshing dose of Chocolate Mint with Pudding, a sweet with mushy texture dessert in a cup for just Php 130. Yes, they are a tad lower priced than their competition.

They also serve some snacks now like their Fried Empanada which I was hoping, baked so it won’t be too guilty to have with a sugar filled beverage.

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