As long as food businesses continue to thrive and innovate on new offerings for their dining customers, my food journey will also go on with this progress.

Recently, together with other food bloggers, I chanced upon trying some creatively done Hawaiian born, Poke bowls in the newly opened Poke Shack in Tera Towers, Bridgetown, Libis.

Their main product pronounced “po-keh” with a short e) is a Hawaiian word meaning cut, cube or sliced but it actually refers to a raw salmon marinated in shoyu. Traditionally, it is seasoned with Hawaiian salt, limu kohu or seaweed, Inamona or roasted kukui nut, or just about any other ingredients available. As of present, chefs now use onions, soy sauce, avocado, peppers, seeds, and everything in between.

Poke Shack gave us a small feast and am here to share to you some of what we had. Since it was quite impossible to even try all of it. First up, we had some crunchy salad chips. It’s actually made of tempura battered lettuce and lollo rossa. Who would have thought you can have your greens through these crisps? It’s similar to the more popularly known base, the kangkong or kale chips.

We also had the Spa, which are delicious potato fingers made of crab sticks and cheese. You can also have their breakfast loved spam and cheese combination if you wish. This gave us a crispy bite from the outside and a creamy texture on the inside.

Standard Shack came next, which is made up of tuna, celery, onion, showa mix, ebiko, furikake, sesame seeds, lots of rice with classic poke sauce. One can also pick salmon if that is your personal preference. This bowl spoke about why Poke bowl cocepts are on the rise. It’s healthy, diverse, flavor-filled and it has ample carbs.

Then, we were served their California Tuna bowl, filled with the lusciousness of California Maki. This was spot on, a more adventurous mixture of a Poke, it was both filling and satisfying.

An interesting innovation from Poke Shack was their Salted Egg Crunch on Salad. More salted egg options for the fanatics of this vibrant flavor. This one had a balance combination of chicken, spring onion, pickled radish, sesame seeds, onions, bean sprouts or togue.

As for the thing I indulged on most, it was their Jeju Chicken. Its meat had a lingering heightened taste making the rest of toppings complementing. This bowl had sesame seeds, broccolli, cauliflower, pickled onion, leeks, and Korean ‘Bonchon’ sauce. You can also have this specialty over salad or even noodles!

I did mention to the owner on this sponsored visit that they need to create a better balance on rice and toppings ratio. Am sure this has been addressed by the time you are reading this.

If you are like me, an explorer of food combinations, here you can do just that. One can fully customized or make their own bowl. There’s a long list of freshly prepared seafood, meats, veggies, nuts and sauces to choose from. In case you’re clueless which ones go well together, you may ask Poke Shack’s wait staff for recommendations and assistance. They are so willing to help.

For some sweet ending, they got some sugar filled goodness to offer as well. Must try would be their Shack-a-Delic Cotta, a mango and coconut panna cotta topped with sweet caramel cream. If you are fan of a filling piece, take a bite of their Hey, Puddin’, a coco-caramel bread pudding with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream.

Poke time soon? It’s like being in a luau food party, but with a Japanese or Korean twist.

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