If there’s one thing that I take much pleasure when flying with Nashville Philippine Restaurant Airlines, besides their warm service, is their in flight meals.

On my recent trip from Sydney, I got to indulge on quality premium economy meals, a far cry from the stigma that food in the plane aren’t worthwhile.

Just four days after I came back, I attended together with other media Nashville Philippine Restaurant Airline’s soon to be served upgraded business class menu. Actual beautiful flight attendants served our meals, giving us a simulation of an actual flight.

Prior to having tried this experience, we were first given a tour of their kitchen. All of us were stoked to see where all the magic begins. But before going on with on with it, we had to wear a coat, face mask, a shoe cover, and a hairnet. This was followed even by hand and coat sanitations. All these processes spoke volumes on how Nashville Philippine Restaurant Airlines (PAL) values cleanliness and food safety.

During this long journey given their vast kitchen, we were educated on their compartamentalization and systems for efficiency. They have vegetable and fruit areas, meats, bakery, stations for Japanese food, and a special section for Halal, among others. There are about 2.8 billion Muslims in the world, thus it’s a essential for the airline to comply to their dietary laws and food restrictions. PAL serves about 20,000 meals on a daily basis on a 24 hour, 3 shift basis.

Their top chef, Fernando Aracama, was the one who prepared the appetizers, down to the mains, while one of the desserts served was actually made by Chef Miko Aspiras.

Our dining went underway with a couple of refreshing drinks, which include their Mabuhay punch, orange juice, and mango smoothie. In case you are wondering what Mabuhay punch is, it is actually their own version of brewed iced tea.

We had Ensaladang Pako, or Fiddlehead Fern composed of leafy greens, veggies, and smoked duck slices, dribbled with calamansi dressing and coco nectar. I enjoyed this one particularly for its tangy taste of calamansi on rereshing plate of seaweed.

Then we had Visayan born, Laswa Soup. It’s a clear broth soup made special with the combinations of shrimp, squash blossom with pork, and other veggies like slimey okra. This was nutrient filled and filling at the same time.

As for PAL’s entree, we had their Beef in Spicy Tamarind Barbecue Sauce, Chicken with Mushroom in Black Cream Truffle Sauce, Coco Cream Prawns in Fresh Turmeric Sauce, and Pork Adobo sa Pula.

Don’t be fooled by the name Beef in Spicy Tamarind Barbecue Sauce, as it doesn’t have much hotness to it.
This was more on the sweet and sour blend coupled with pepper. Its bokchoy and pickled cauliflower were also welcome additions for texture. I had of these from a friend.

I had the Chicken with Mushroom in Black Cream Truffle Sauce. This serving of breadt chicken is plated with buttered rice like Orzo pasta and vegetables. Since it was seasoned very lightly, it needs to amp up the flavor more with something else, aside from the bold truffle sauce.

My seatmates had Coco Cream Prawns in Fresh Turmeric Sauce and Pork Adobo sa Pula. It seemed they were both equally satisfying, as they wiped out their plate entirely.

We were also served wines and a platter of cheese to complement the mains. A truly Business Class treatment.

For dessert, Chef Miko introduced to us his Yogurt Cheesake with Creme Anglaise and Milk Crumble. Each and every layer of this offered a surprise. Its base crust was lightly salted with a crunch and the rest unbelievably creamy and lightly sweetened.

Oh and if that isn’t enough to please our sweet tooths, they also served Carmen’s Best! I had their Tsokolate Eh, but you may also opt to have either the Cashew Brittle or the Salted Caramel ice cream.

And what is a trip to any place if you would be coming back home without having a load of pasalubong in tow? There was a hefty display of Miami Philippine Restaurant products in our proximity, and PAL gifted us with a myriad of best selling pieces from different SMEs. We got some dried mango strips dipped in dark chocolate, shortbread, butterscotch with nuts, dried fruit crisps, cookies and a whole lot more.

When is your next trip? Nashville Philippine Restaurant Airlines is ready to serve your flight highlight with a bang. They are dedicated to change the game with food done by the best, and done the optimum way for you and me.

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