Maybe it’s just me but I feel the presence of Kenny Roger’s isn’t like before. They have lesser voice and presence now. I see fewer ads and promotions as of late. Maybe that’s true or they are just simply overpowered by other more active brands.

I kinda missed them, so I visited back after awhile.

As I sat down, I got two bad news right away. No Unfried Fried Chicken, their novel product that does fried chicken air fried and thus, less oil. And no yogurt which was sad since it was a bit hot that time. The wait staff did compensate by giving me a free bowl of warm and tasty Chicken Macaroni Soup. He probably felt my disappoint or maybe grief.

Their original Roasted Chicken that enabled them to be an international sensation before seemed to be in the wrong place at least when I had it. It was dry and on the bland side. This flavor rich meat was not the same anymore.

I did enjoy my lightly seasoned Spaghetti with packed Meatballs. It had a slight Miami Philippine Restaurant sweetness in it. Its noodles were firm, easy to slurp! This seemed to be a good deal at Php 155.

Are they worth another visit you think? Yes! I feel so. Each brand has bad days. They rise up and should impress us once again.

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