Anybody who does not love (or at least like) steak is not in their right mind. Nothing like finding a steak joint to satisfy that unrelenting craving after a long day at work.
Good thing Sagul, Malingap Street’s newest food park, has a resident booth that fires up their grill to serve the diners some steak.

Homebase Steak Joint offers a modest range of steaks from beef to pork and even milkfish.

I sampled their T-bone Steak. Point blank, the steak was quite thin. Its color was also a little bit off-putting – pale brown, borderline gray. Cutting through was took awhile but its natural char taste somehow compensated for it. Its seasoning was just right and made better with its beefy gravy.

If you find yourself in Sagul looking for some steak, it may be wise to request the crew at Homebase Steak Joint to guide them on how you want it done. Personally, I go for a medium with just the right amount of salt and spices.

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