Healthy and wholesome choices are getting more and more accessible. It’s especially welcome in places where you least expect it to be. Aloha Bowl, the resident poke bowl station champions fun and health-smart choices in Malingap’s newest food park, Sagul.

Explore their engaging menu as you get to build your own poke bowl, which is the best part, at least for me. I got to try a combination of Tuna and Salmon over rice, dressed with Spicy Sriracha and Creamy Sesame as my pick for the salad dressing. A wonderful blend of textures! An explosion of flavors too with all the savory and tangy notes from all the ingredients. Always somehow found it refreshing whenever I eat a poke bowl.

Get the iconic Spam Musubi for a quick and filling snack. Choose your own sauce and if you’re feeling adventurous, opt for a higher level of spiciness.

The delicious poke bowl trend is here to stay. Enjoy an Aloha Bowl or two with friends over beer, food, and art in Sagul.

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