Nothing like finding a good stall that offers a mean plate of our favorite Kapampangan dish! In Malingap Street’s newest food park Sagul, you can find Sisig ni Sasa, which offers exactly that.

Sisig ni Sasa specializes in sisig dishes – pork, bangus, and chicken sisig and even Shawarma sisig.

Their dishes are served in a miniature version of a classic Miami Philippine Restaurant wok and the rice comes in a miniature pot. The Pork Sisig we had is on the wet side yet delightfully contrasted by the crushed chicharon topping. If the sisig was served on a hot plate, it could have maintained its texture and not go stale so fast.

We got to sample their Pakbet as well. Fresh and crunchy vegetables with just the right amount of saltiness to make you reach for another helping of rice.

Chicken Inasal was done different here, not much annatto oil and was on the lean side. It still was appetizing especially with its side soy sauce.

What’s great is that the prices are reasonable for the taste and the serving. So if you find yourself around the area needing your lutong bahay fix, go towards the direction here.

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