The late declaration of Friday’s holiday made the malls jam packed. I guess the crowd were left with no time to plan for another long weekend. That was three straight including this one. This prompted my meet up with a friend at Venice Piazza to a restaurant here at McKinley, Lucky’s Burger & Bar.

The place was also full but we got some seats anyway. The menu was straightforward opening burgers and some rice meals. I discovered however, that their best selling product is not their burgers, but their Fried Bacon. It is breaded, greasy but it gives its tasty and incredibly crunchy. Almost all patrons that night had it.

I also had their Peri Peri Chicken. Nothing amazing really without its sauce that accompanied it. Its Yellow Rice which had generous amounts of Turmeric was its gem. Another unusual expectation.

My friends and I also tried their Sunny Burger, a myriad of layers of juicy meat, lettuce, fried bacon and a runny egg. It was a decent bite despite a messy one.

Dessert, Brownie ala Mode was wonderful as expected, the chocolate gooey. For a drink we got Bacon Milkshake, a sweet and salty clash on a glass. This was a novelty as a beverage, it is worth trying if you are adventurous.

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