One of the recommended restaurants that made it in a list of must eat in Sydney is this place. Friends who have been in this city before raved about Mamak’s take on Malaysian cuisine. So my Manila friends and I did visit and at 9pm there was still a queue.

We were a party of six and we were hungry from a long night of walking and seeing the city. So we ordered for a group of 10 or so. We practically ordered all they had in a relatively short list of offerings.

Most of the items we had were decent. In fact, a number of it resembles a truly Malaysian experience. A few items, however, were a miss at least for me. We got three kinds of Roti, the original (Canai), eggs and onions combination (Telur Bawang) and buttery (Planta). These I found too oily and a bit chewy to eat. Its dips of curry and sambal sauce were ordinary and too spicy to catch its real flavor.

I gave a rant as well on their Kangkung Belacan for its imbalance seasoning of chili, shrimp paste, and other spices. It’s quite far from what I had before.

I did find their Chicken Satay and Nasi Goreng truly delicious. The former had tender meat and strong peanut taste while the latter showcased a wonderful combination of tasty ingredients in rice. These two are by far their best dishes.

Our group also had Kari Ayam, a classic chicken curry cooked with freshly ground spices and chunky potatoes and Sambal Udang, stir fried tiger prawns with fiery sambal sauce.

For desserts, the Ka Chang with a medley of syrups was refreshing despite being overly sweetened. I liked how it was presented, colorful, tall and with a variety of add ons.

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