It’s been six weeks since I slipped from a ramp, fell knee first, and shattered my left patella.

Life took a sudden turn.

I got overwhelmed by the ‘glamour’ of the operating suite, eavesdropping on the medical team discussing my case. The next thing I know, my kneecap was tied up with a tension wire to keep them together. I still felt disabled; I was on crutches with limited mobility. Days after, I shifted to a cane.

The trauma of the hospital halls still haunts me; the fearful sound of the machines, the discomfort, especially during sleep, and piercing sensation from fractured bones are still present.

The first week was unforgettable. I couldn’t function like I used to; the agony was constant. I lost weight because I lacked the urge to eat.

I had a series of medications and even researched each one I was taking. And there’s this one for pain that gave me the sense of euphoria; on withdrawal symptoms, it gave me anxiety and depression.

I cried; I was vulnerable. In isolation, I felt abandoned. I questioned the Lord. Why allow the accident? What did I do to deserve it?

I was on a roller coaster of emotions. I spent most of the holidays in bed, resting, hot compress and ice, going through Netflix, books, and catching up with family and friends online.

Second Wave

Unfortunately,  I had a significant infection that needed another round of surgery. It was the most painful hour in recent memory. I went under the knife, awake, with just local anesthesia. I almost kicked the surgeon.

I had to take three cycles of antibiotics after. A warm bathtub session caused my wounds to create discharge. I was hoping then that would help in reducing the swelling. But I was wrong.

Recovery has been delayed. It made me frustrated at times. I have to protect the possibility of the incision reopening. I was into minimal bending, mostly press down exercises to strengthen my quads.

Though I was blessed with having a trusted personal aide to assist me in my journey, my injury costs only increased. So it was essential for me to find time to work, push myself, and be more productive.


But in all this, one thing is certain; I was broken for a reason. God, in His sovereignty, allowed it. God is God; His purposes will always prevail, and He is mighty to save.

When I couldn’t run, I ran to Him.

It got me to reflect more about where I am in life, what to improve on, how to approach future situations, and grasp that there’s always a reason to be excited again.

I like to be in control, I am not a fan of waiting, and I thrive on quick results. The accident exposed my need to be still, to see the value of God’s timing.

I realized being broken is an opportunity to stitch yourself back patiently and emerge more mature in the process. It is accepting that suffering is a gateway to embrace life more, to accept its ups and downs.

There is always a clean slate. God can use our brokenness to bring wholeness to the world.

I did not understand every challenge I went through, but God has encouraged me to use my experience to inspire and help others going through similar events.

Remembering the story of Jacob, he wrestled with the Lord, persevered, got blessed, and never walked the same way again.

Road to Recovery

I loved the progress. I savored even the small victories, from taking a bath again by myself to being able to lift my leg. I celebrate these moments by sharing them with my loved ones, and on few occasions, with comfort food. Hello, McDonald’s!

To strengthen and facilitate a faster cure, I ate healthier. I had different fruits, eggs, and milk in the morning, vegetables, and protein throughout the day. I took additional supplements, the ones with magnesium, calcium, and collagen.

I am grateful for three doctors who guided me in this season. Dr. Claudio and Dr. Rafanan of Medical City; and Dr. Bernardo of St. Peregrine. Also to my bubbly Physical Therapist, Jonwel, and the entire roster of hospital staff.

I appreciate the numerous people who reached out and prayed with me, my family and friends, especially my Mom and my eldest brother, Harvie.

They all believed that I could bounce back strong. And that brings me confidence that I can beat the usual timeline of 5 more months. I claim that I will be back on my feet sooner as I endure and persevere.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Go ahead and message me; I’ll be happy to hear from you.

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