Out of curiosity and recommendations from friends in Manila, we tried this chocolate heaven place near our hotel. Guylian offers mostly cakes and drinks made of their signature brand. They also sell pieces and boxes of the actual product.

The price points here are incredibly high but somehow justified with the overall price range in Sydney and the warm service by their staff. The place was a bit packed when we were around.

100% Pure Pleasure was their ultimate signature cake and we found it just okay. In fact, after a spoonful, we did not bother getting another serving. It’s rich chocolate with raspberry coulis and chocolate swirls. Upon slicing it, the inside is a really sweet white chocolate mousse. It is covered with dark chocolate ganache as well. For 16.50 AUD it’s overpriced for its unusual combination. We also found Chocolate Chip Cookie unsatisfying as it was frozen and plain.

Their 13 AUD Strawberry Tart, however, was delectable. It was simple yet adorable. It had sweetened strawberries surrounded by well-made cream, not too sugary. Another must have includes the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, a nice medley of bitter sweet 65% dark chocolate with cream cheese and fruity sour raspberry.

For drinks, we all liked what we had together as a group. Hot Chocolate Peppermint had a nice refreshing taste while its Coconut version gives you a nice lingering back of mouth taste. Affogato was made even better with an extra dose of vanilla ice cream.

Is Guylian worth it then? Yes if you have lots of money to burn. We spent 90 AUD for this dessert stop. I find that a lot, do you? Your call then.

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