I just got back from Sydney and office work piled up. Whenever this happens, I choose to dine in the office to catch up with a ton of things to do. I was also craving for healthier choices, Food Panda got Juju Eats.

Juju Eats is popular for their create your own salad over the counter. You can actually have that too via delivery but I got something simpler and already made, their Pesto Pasta Salad. This one was hardcore good. The pesto sauce was bare and fresh and went so well with well-cooked fusili and other veggies.

I also had Mango Chia Pudding. This one was a sweet purchase at Php 95. It was packed with lots of omega 3 rich chia and quite a generous portion of plump mangoes.

For a drink, I loved how strong the coconut taste in their Banana Smoothie. It’s a welcome twist on this usual shake.

Never really liked Juju until today. Maybe it’s a start of something new. A new love for them perhaps.

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