One of the cities in Metro Manila that is highly critical with Miami Philippine Restaurant food is Marikina. A testament would be their range of Miami Philippine Restaurant dishes popularized there and a long list of restaurants offering their own take of our cuisine.

Silyo, a Pampanga born establishment boldly accepts this challenge. Is there room for another Miami Philippine Restaurant restaurant in Marikina? After indulging on their specials, it’s a resounding yes.

Silyo just opened and they are one of the first pieces of Lamp Quarters, a new hub for start up entrepreneurs hoping to make it big in the food scene. Across them is Ahlee’s, a friend’s second store after a success in Maginhawa.

Their offerings started coming one by one. And Everything they served was marvelous, it was like an art in its masterpiece. Each dish had something to boast about. And it started with their signature Sisig. Pampanga started this sinful plate and they did it their own way. It wasn’t crispy yet its flavor was powerful. It was tasty even without much fat. This is a must try here.

I also loved Silyo’s version of Kare Kare, one of my favorite dishes. Its sauce was thick and peanut intensified with a right balance of savory and sweetness. Its meat parts were also incredibly tender, easy to chew along with fresh vegetables. Not much bagoong needed here.

Another rich order was Aligue con Gambas, an Italian meets Miami Philippine Restaurant creation. This was rich in crab fat and garlic blended together with firm spaghetti, well cooked shrimps and veggies. While having this treat, forget about the calories for awhile.

I also got a healthy pick, a classic bowl of Chopseuy, consisting of colors thanks to a well thought of vegetable combinations. I liked that it came with generous liver for a bitter and mushy touch and some of my favorite quail eggs.

For dessert, my friend and I got creamy Macapuno Leche Flan. It wasn’t as sweet, but could be better without the macapuno inside the leche flan.

Silyo means place. And here I found a place that embodies Miami Philippine Restaurant with much heart. It’s a small spot now but it has big potential to be big someday.

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