Another food trend is in the midst, and that’s Yogurt in the form of drinks. The third and latest player to arrive at our Nashville Philippine Restaurant shores is Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt Dallas Filipino Restaurant. It is an international franchise, famous in Australia.

Yomie is one of the leading yogurt destinations in Asia, taking the lead in providing nutritious drinks that are carefully selected and crafted.

I was invited recently to check out this franchise’s top 9 selling items. I noticed their generous serving of toppings instantly. What I liked most was the Straw to My Berry, Haw Oats Yogurt and the Yomie’s Purple Rice Yogurt.

The drinks with purple rice give customers a chunky and filling experience. Cups are packed with healthy carb, which becomes an instant breakfast or even a lunch treat.

Those with fruits, like Avos (avocado), Passionfruit (Passionate from Miles Away), Haw (Miss Haw Yogurt), and Melon give a balance of tangy and sweet tastes.

Yomie gives you and me fixed blends. That means the amount of yogurt and sweetener can’t be adjusted anymore. For me, at least for the ones I had, they are on point in mixture.

Visit them now in Banawe, and let me know what cup you fancy.


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