Paramount Coffee Project is a third wave coffee spot within a close proximity of Holiday Inn where we stayed. On top of caffeine rich drinks, this place also offers creatively done all day breakfast and desserts.

Out of curiosity, my friend Jenny and I got quite a lot of dishes and beverage here.

The lack of visual photos paired with an elaborate list of ingredients was the culprit really. Not all we had however turned out pleasant. One was even a mistake to have.

Their Biscuit and Gravy was a disappointment. Its smoked white pudding sausage was too sweet, sauce way too salted and biscuit crumbly and nothing special. I only liked its tad sour flavored cauliflower, fresh okra, and runny eggs.

I did enjoy their customized plate for my pescatarian friend. They put together wonderfully smoked barramundi, shrimps, and potatoes. This was protein rich, balanced with soft carbs, seasoned on point.

My favorite here was their well-curated and colorful dessert, Peanut Butter Jelly Time Sago. It was something I’ve never seen or ate before. It has chewy raspberry flavored tapioca, sour fermented raspberries, crunchy candied peanuts and lightly sweetened peanut milk. It was a joy having it in my mouth, given its series of contrasting flavors and textures. Must have.

For drinks, we all liked what we had from their specialized coffee to their refreshing Mango Crush, a delightful mixture of mango nectar, coconut water, sorbet, and mint.

If you are in the area, I suggest giving this place a chance, just skip their biscuit and gravy.

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