While I was walking and touring around town, I couldn’t help but take a stop at this particular cafe. This one was casually enticing and informally looking. It’s like your neighborhood go to place for anything. The staff here were also friendly despite me being foreign to them.

Welcome to Campos, a make your own sandwich and coffee place.

I got one of their already suggested combinations for a sandwich. It had loads of turkey meat with cranberry sauce, brie, alfalfa sprouts and arugula on thick toasted rye bread. It was lightly flavored altogether but it called for a big and generous bite each time. The portion was a lot too, so I took home the other half for breakfast the next day.

To partner up with my sandwich, I had a strong dose of their sweet and spiced up Turmeric latte. Now this was unusual sip, especially for a first timer. Have you tried such? While I was in Sydney I also saw some cafes offering it as well.

Campos currently has two branches in Sydney. I see them potentially growing given their simplified menu, ambiance, and a staff that gives you an amazing warm service.

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