There is now a strong presence of a healthier treat around us, thanks to the resurgence of Avocadoria. This celebrated franchise offers customers the many benefits of avocado, as a dessert, in ice cream and cake form.

I always order either the thick Avocado Shake or when craving for something sweeter, the Avocado Lover.

Both these cups have add ons of pearls, nuts, and chia seeds for varied taste and additional textures.

There are now two kinds of products in tin cans too. The original Avocado Ice Cream Cheesecake is still around, and recently Avocadoria added Dark Mocha Avocado Praline Cake, with six different layers! Expect to bite on moist chocolate cake, sour cream ganache, praline, mocha bavarian, signature avocado ice cream, and dark chocolate crust.

For a quick and value for money pit stop, go and grab any of the three senyoritas. These are signature avocado ice cream wrapped in dark, milk and white chocolate crusts. It currently retails for Php 98 only SRP.

Avocadoria UP Town is located at The Caf of the first building. Its beside Timezone. See you there!


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