Jipan is known for their on the spot bakery options which included pastries, bread, and even cakes. Not many are familiar that they also offer a full menu of Japanese classic favorites. On this Food Panda delivery, I got to try some of their savory dishes.

I found their Beef Teriyaki Pita on point with a touch of sweetness. It could be better though if it had less dressing and more of meat. This ‘sandwich’ came with cabbage, carrots, and kewpie as well.

The Yaki Udon I liked more. It’s thick udon noodles were tasty in itself, even without touching the pork that came with it. The portion of this order was also ample, enough to share with up to 3 people. It was a good value at Php 225.

The Vegetable Gyoza, however, was bland and dry. I guess it lacked moisture and taste since it did not have pork inside it. For Php 195 for just 5 pieces, I also find it pricey.

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