The newest mall of Ayala is taking shape with diverse retail and interesting dining concepts. I was here just last weekend, for the opening of F Crafted Tea, a local establishment with roots from Hong Kong. The owner, Ms. Jane Fernando got ideas from a tea sommelier who introduced her to a high-end tea experience.

With all the Milk Tea competition how does F Crafted different? Well, they value bespoke or custom made tea drinks that are affordable with high quality. They also have 20 tea sources from all over the world, while others usually just have black and green tea.

The four main tea types here are the Frech Rose Black Tea, Highland Oolong Tea, Jasmine Green Tea and the rare variety in Jasmine White Tea. The purplish, Butterfly Pea is also on the menu.

What to order if you are the first-timer? I suggest exploring F Crafted’s bold, original Milk Tea concoction or if looking for a unique sip experience, Aurora Slushie Sunrise.

If you are into a healthier drink, this place is known for the refreshing cup of Signature Fruit Tea. For a bittersweet treat with some guilty pleasure, there’s the Matcha Strawberry. I also found the Taro Slushie interesting.

F Crafted also serves some desserts. On top of the long list is Hong Kong’s Bubble Waffle in extensive selections.

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