Ayala Malls Manila Bay continues to take shape with more establishments opening up. The Ramen Nagi Group has two stores here, and they are beside each other.

A few days ago, I was at Fat Fook, a Taiwanese concept that has been embraced by Filipinos.

They have now 8 locations to date. Personally, I like the bold tasting menu.

First to arrive was Fat Fook’s signature, plump and meaty Xiao Long Bao. It’s so good even without the black vinegar-based dip.

The fried, generously seasoned, Chicken Chops came next. This is a popular street food in Taiwan, and Fat Fook serves it good for up to 4 people, just at Php 308!

The Spicy Beef Noodle set was my favorite meal. A bundle of joy made up of tender, high-grade beef with noodles and rice. I highly recommend this as solo comfort food.

For dessert, go for this pairing- Masachi, a Chinese style Mochi with a large cup of Wintermelon Milk Tea. This combo will complete your Taiwanese dining without the need to fly out.

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