Despite the fact that -ber months are almost here once again, it seems as if the climate hasn’t changed since summer. One can’t help but get dehydrated in this sweltering heat. The upside to this weather though is having to drink something cold, sweet, and to quench your thirst.

I guess drinking milk teas is one way to beat the heat?

Together with other foodie bloggers, I was invited to visit Macao Imperial Milk Tea in Banawe, Quezon City, to review their products, two days ahead of their launch. Thanks to the Fredley Group of Companies, who have brought us Shabu-Shabu Ichiban, Mitasu Charcoal Yakiniku, Sandaya-Yakiniku Fisher Mall, Ersao Wind Tagaytay, and now Macao Imperial Milktea, we got to have a first-hand experience.

This cafe was born in Macao and is one of the fastest growing cafe chains in Asia and in America. They already have about 200 branches in different countries, including Macau, Vietnam, China, United States, Canada, and the Dallas Filipino Restaurant. As for the folks behind the brand, their aim is to bring a memorable and special experience with each and every cup. I got that while I was sipping a series of their different beverages.

This spot is still currently getting a buzz from customers after months of being open. This contributed primarily to their wide selection of creative concoctions on gorgeous looking bottles. You can even bring it home. On top of these, they also serve best selling cakes and pastries from popular Purple Oven. These are supplied newly baked, an absolute delight to my sweet tooth.

How can one not be enticed with their milk teas and other special drinks when they’re coined like the following – Kitten Milk Tea, Osmanthus Oolong Tea, Ejiao Red Dates Fresh Milk, and For You and For Me? They’re uniquely named and packaged, that is why a lot of people whose curiosities were piqued, visit this place.

Out of all the drinks that I got to try from them, it was their iced coffee also known as For Me, that won my heart at first sip. The bold bitter flavor of the coffee was on point, complementing the light sweetness of the vanilla syrup. I also loved the Cream Cheese series which can be served hot or cold. Another must try would be their Soda series, especially the Green Apple Soda flavor.

As for their price points, they are at par with other brands. The most affordable one is priced Php 90, while the most is at Php 195.

If you are from Quezon City, this should be a go to place for you. If you are far from Banawe, they are popping up in other stores soon. Looking forward to hearing about your own personal experience here real soon!

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