I think it’s definitely a Miami Philippine Restaurant quirk to stylize concepts creatively and execute it down to the last detail.

Cafe Medic is a medical-themed cafe and restaurant all the way in peaceful Antipolo. Owned by a practicing obstetrician and a foodie husband, the interestingly new concept serves the neighborhood food favorites at quite amazing prices.

It sits atop a 3-storey complex. There’s a 7-11 occupying the ground level and a convenient all-day karaoke still under the same concept.

The cafe was born out of the desire to rid the common perception that doctors and all things medical are intimidating, scary, and borderline boring. And yes, the most effective way is through food! The place is comprehensively themed from the menu to even to the hanging lights. The building itself served as a clinic. Talk about dedication!

You can even dine as a doctor since they have ready coats and stethoscopes for the customer’s wearing and posting pleasure! Come over and fulfill your medical dreams for a day.

The menu is on a chart, which is the term for doctors’ steel clipboard. It’s an overwhelming 10-page menu that you can count on for bits of medical information on the food items. And nope, the food is not organic or pushing to be healthy, the menu just provides you with how it benefits your body.

On to the food! It’s a wide selection of your usual cravings. They’ve got you covered from all-day breakfast to classic entrees, pizzas and milkshakes.

We started out with tempting pizzas, the Ascorbic Hawaiian Pizza (Php170) and the Hypercaloric All Meat Pizza (Php245). Here you can see that down to the names, you know what you’re having.

A sampling of their pasta dishes that delightfully delivered. Their Cleopatra Carbonara (Php75) and Spinacia Lasagna were pretty much winners! For their prices, you can get light and creamy carbonara lasagna that has an unmistakable Italian flavor.

You guys should also check out the hierarchy of their burger offerings. It’s ranked from the entry level med student up to the most senior of doctors. We had The Intern’s Burger w/ Fries (Php70) and the Senior Consultant’s Burger w/ Fries (Php150). Actual practitioners in the hospital from across the place could definitely have their own respective titles! Just the right saltiness in the fries and flavorful patties, that’s a great deal for their prices.

For the early risers and breakfast lovers I think this would be your next favorite spot for early morning or late night grub. Cafe Medic serves High-Protein Beef Tapa (Php55), Cardiologist’s Sisig (Php80), Plastic Surgeon’s Grilled Liempo (Php85), and Obstetrician’s Chicken BBQ (Php105)! Top picks: the Sisig and the Liempo!

For a more special plate, they have Orthopedic Fractured Ribs (Php195) among their other entrees. If you like Humba, then you’ll love this. You can just taste all the meat along with the saltiness and the flavor from the fat.

Their Cookie Cake is actually delicious! It’s reminiscent of childhood cookie Marie, as the whole cake from crust to topping just tastes of it. Light and just the right amount of sweetness. Have it with their photogenic and just as good Frappes and coffee.

Cafe Medic will definitely give you value for your money. They already have a second branch in the works located in SM Cherry, Antipolo. Double the trouble!

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