Sulok Cafe is a humble joint in Antipolo for some quality time with yourself or with friend. It’s fittingly situated at a corner on the third floor of Okinari Arade in Ynares Centre in the area. You may even have gotten wind of this cafe as set up by a Millennial couple.

The cafe serves some really good grub and of course, quality coffee. In here you’re sure to find a corner where you can take a solo slow-down to your heart’s content. It’s literally like finding your own sulok or corner.

For such a stay, food and drinks should be just as good as your time at the place. Sulok Cafe serves a wide variety of food. Their selection, I must say, is quite a thoughtful one given the differing moods for food the customers come in having.

Shame how it was just a quick but substantial visit to the cafe. We were able to get a teaser sampling of their menu, though. For your benefit, they have rice meals, sandwiches, pastas, pancakes & waffles, and an array of coffee and non-coffee beverages.

We were served their fun Chili Cheese Poppers (Php 140). It’s a deep-fried wonton pocket filled with a creamy chili-cheese concoction. It’s spice was well tamed by the cream cheese and can get quite addicting to eat.

Two heaping bowls of pasta were served steaming. Tuyo Mushroom Pasta (Php145) and their newest pasta dish, Longganisa Pasta. Alright. All I can say is Sulok Cafe does their pasta right. Both al dente with all the flavors just clinging to the noodles. The Longganisa just had the right size of meat bits – enough to get a good chew out of it. Their pastas have this silky quality to it with its noodles delightfully enveloped in its mix. Unforgettable. Have these for some hearty satisfaction.

We had their Classic Chocolate Cake too, which thankfully was good. I would usually be averse to chocolate flavored anything because it really is a hit or miss. But this one was moist with the full chocolate flavor and a light caramel cream center. Get this for your chocolate fix.

And of course we had to hit up their beverage menu. This was visit in the late of day so we did not have their coffee. I do hear their Cafe Armando is a hit. And I gathered from 1/2 of the owners, Andy, that they locally source the Arabica beans they use for their coffee.

We had their Double Chocolate Frappe and Chocnut Frappe, which everybody totally liked. Both had the comforting balance between the flavor and the milkiness – especially the Chocnut Frappe. Their Frappes are good for up to two people too! It can really make you nod in appreciation of the drink.

Despite the short time and the sampling, the other items on the menu are very promising. Definitely a place to visit when I find myself back in Antipolo.

Sulok Cafe is a testament for a good measure of satisfaction. It may serve as a reminder as to why coffee shop culture flourished in the first place. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, count on it for a time with yourself at your own little corner.

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