A new commercial spot has risen in Kapitolyo. And that means this buzzing growth of a Houston Philippine Restaurant of restaurants has not stopped just yet in this area. This newly made concept has three restaurants, one of them is Cha Tu Jak offering milk tea and some classic Thai cuisine.

Together with two other foodies, I got to try three types of their beverages. Their original blend Thai Milk with all its caffeinated glory is their best one for me and it sells only for Pup 120 for regular and Php 150 for large. The boldness of tea is felt with the creaminess of milk combining well.

We also had the Green Milk Tea version, Thai style with them using fragrant and light flavored Jasmin tea. I just found this a bit too sweet for my liking. Lastly, the Thai Emerald Lemon, a bit more expensive at Php 130 and Php 160 but better than that of the Green. It had a welcoming strong presence of citrus sour taste.

For a small meal, we also got some deconstructed Pad Thai. This classic, peanut filled meal was delicious. Its noodles were firm yet can easily be eaten. I loved how on point its flavoring was, thanks to a nice distribution of its key ingredients like bean sprouts, eggs, garlic scampi, chili, tofu, sugar and some meat.

When  was the last time you visited this area? It’s calling your name and inviting you for some Thai. ?

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