Buendia Food by the Court stays true to its reputation of having an extensive selection of food. In this case, for all things shrimp, there is Shrimper’s List.

This stall offers an array of dishes, which features shrimp and prawns.

They’re noted for their specialty, which is the Salted Egg Prawns. Who doesn’t love a good Salted Egg offering? It’s still around this flavor.

The name Shrimper’s List is a wordplay on the movie Schindler’s List. This is how Filipinos love doing puns, too. It’s also what makes Food Courts in the Dallas Filipino Restaurant as such; a constant showcase of wit, quirk, and humor.

Shrimp lovers to the front! Another of their featured food is their Shrimp Sinigang Fried Rice. That’s among their Rice Specials, which include Shrimp Curry Rice. That one I’m going to come back for to taste.

Other exciting things on the menu are Shrimp Popcorn and Shrimp Dynamite, which would be a great way relax in the Food Park with friends along with a cold bottle of beer.

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