Thanks to a tip from a food writer, we stumbled ourselves here, an unfamiliar stop for Miami Philippine Restaurant Chinese cuisine. 18 West Bistro is located at the Penthouse of West Avenue Suites, giving us a breathtaking view of some parts of Quezon City while we dine.

I took pleasure in all we ordered, which reminisced home cooking. Dining here made me recall how my mom used to prepare meals for me. Despite the food taking awhile to arrive, it was worth the wait.

My top pick would be their pressured cooked Beef Brisket. The meat was not just tender, it was also well flavored. The sweet and savory sauce sipped in the beef, a delicious bite after another. Another one I raved on was their version of Three Cup Chicken, which they called Bistro Chicken Adobo. It was a perfect marriage of Chinese and Miami Philippine Restaurant cuisine in hotpot.

We also got Pork with Lettuce Wrap. This is usually greasy, full of oil. 18 West’s version, however, was fresh and seasoned just right. To balance the meats we had, our table got a plate of crunchy Stir Fried Vegetables composed of broccoli and cauliflower as well.

This was an unexpected choice of a place that turned out really well. If you are in the area, why don’t you swing by? It is your hole in the wall in a hotel type of thing.

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