I have passed by this restaurant many times before whenever I am around Shangri-La’s newer wing. I really miss it because of their high price points. It was different last week when I got it at 50% off, thanks to their partnership with Eatigo app.

Their rating at 2 is probably the lowest in all the restaurants in Zomato and that also scared me a bit to dine here altogether. Upon reading, most of the former review sentiments were the unavailability of items. I was fortunate that they had all I wanted. So anyway I sat and gave them a piece of my buds and mind.

I got two types of grilled meats, marinated differently. First was Harami (United States origin), lean and thin, seasoned with miso. I liked this one as it was tasty and easy to chew. The other one, Chicken Thigh Fillet, dressed with tare, was quite bland and not as appetizing. I also got a platter of seasoned vegetables. All of these raw items were cooked for me by the staff, which I appreciated.

Maybe Gyu Kaku will close soon or maybe you can give them another chance?

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