I got to visit Roadster Roasters, a meat-eaters’ haven, situated at the TV5 Launchpad Building in Addition Hills, Mandaluyong just recently on a sponsored invite, and it was a fun, “on the road” experience with them.

First off, parking was difficult at the said place.

Apparently, they will have an available parking lot in the area soon, yey. Roadsters Roasters is owned by Dave Wong, Oneal Tan, Nico Yap, and the only rose among the thorns, Jerrina Cheng. Their idea of a business was actually that of a roving food truck but eventually made it full blown.

Here they have this modern industrial vibe, making it a potential man cave for Harley riders, the road trippers, and the adventurers. So if you’re in for an adventure, this is just the right place for you.

Now, let’s get down to business. I got to try their Roadster Nachos (priced at Php280). It was made up of crisp homemade corn chips, topped with chives, black olives, onions, and jalapeños, with their signature cheese sauce and ground beef. Since Roadster Roasters specializes in American barbecue with that of local flavors, I was hoping that they would have used one of their specialty flavored meat dishes on the nachos instead of just putting in the typical ground beef that you can expect from the usual ones.

I also got to try their Lechon Salad. Sadly, it doesn’t look appetizing at all for me, as if the person who prepped it up was in such a hurry to do it. I think that this salad needs more leafy greens in it, and instead of them slicing the roast pork meat into cubes, I wish that they could have just put in a slab of meat onto the salad. Something different and exciting, right?

I also had their Smoked Carbonara. It’s like your typical creamy carbonara, except for the twist of having an unusual smoky flavor, which was from the bacon bits in it. Actually, I didn’t see any visible bacon in the pasta dish so I’m hoping that they will eventually improve on this and make the bacon more evident. Bacon is life, more of it please.

Then there’s their buttered roasted chicken (priced at Php580 for the whole chicken) which turned out to be quite bland. This one definitely needs more seasoning and/or spices added into it. The butter, however, was generously felt.

I also got to try their mashed potato and sweet potato, both of which taste nice and they were ideal very mushy, easy to eat, and at the same time, very filling. For only Php65, this surely is a great deal for your money.

One of the dishes that I especially liked was their Half Rack Barbecue Pork Ribs. For Php760, you get this fall-off-the-bone ribs served on a wooden platter, that’s good for around six people. It was served well done, and was apparently slow cooked for five hours. It goes with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce that makes it stand out from the rib dishes offered by other places.

I also got to try their homemade chicharon, which was perfect together with their own vinegar concoction. Roadster Roasters currently has a promo, whereas, if you order a bucket of beer from them, you can purchase their chicharon for only Php1. It’s offered to their dining customers for a limited time only so catch it before it’s gone.

Lastly, you must have the Beef Brisket, cooked Texas style. It’s a serving of 300-gm beef in thin slices. It was very tender and easy to chew. This thing just tasted so wonderful, given that they used about 21 different spices in this dish, including paprika, cumin, and cayenne pepper. It was even slow-cooked for 12 hours! What made it even more perfect was their gravy. It didn’t taste of any artificial seasoning, but it gave off a rich beefy flavor to it.

Now head down to the newest place in Kapitolyo for some chill time and drinks after a whole day’s work, let Roadster Roasters become your next tambayan on a weekend and get #FueledbyMeat.

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