Ligo recently launched a more exciting take in household sardines with their Sriracha version. It’s designed for consumers looking for a different kind of spice. The flavors of red chili, sugar, and garlic are integrated, giving it a combination of sweet, spice and tangy tastes, all at the same time.

I personally enjoyed having it on top of warm plain rice. It gives just the right amount of kick, not overwhelmingly hot. I say, try it and let me know how’s it like for you.

This #KakaibangAnghang is now available at your favorite supermarket nationwide.

Ligo, an industry leader in sardines, is managed by Tung Chingco Trading, Inc. since 1954. Since then they have also developed a whole line of other canned products which include tuna, mackerel, corned beef, meatloaf, squid and a variety of canned fruit and snacks.

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