There are so many ways to have a great Christmas party.

Hungry Pac, in our view, is best loved for their bite-sized, melt-in-your-mouth soft crinkles that you gobble up like they’re chips. They’re great to eat all year round, but there’s something about the holiday season that brings on the hankering for milk and cookies.

The company Les Deux Belges was, unsurprisingly, founded by 2 Belgians; it was in response to the limited craft Belgian beers available in the Philippines.

When it comes to caffeine fixes, everyone’s familiar with the buzz that coffee gives you.

RG Macalinao, chef of Lowbrow Casual Restaurants, may cook ‘Lowbrow’, but he shows off that cooking highbrow doesn’t have to be seen as difficult or unattainable. This recipe illustrates just how thin that line between the two is: by creating 2 separate dishes falling under separate categories, using the same ingredients.

Just kidding. We didn’t even bother trying with their burgers. But we can’t be the only ones who visit 8Cuts and just get the onion rings sometimes, when the time isn’t right for a burger? 8Cuts’ onion rings have a light crispness to it, and a smokey flavor, that we just can’t find in other joints that offer the beloved side.

Practically the country’s national pulutan fare is the Kapampangan delicacy known as sisig, a dish of chopped-up pig’s face and other parts traditionally served cold but more contemporarily served hot, with or without eggs, on a sizzling plate.

Who hasn’t been here: we’re craving a bowl of ramen, but we’ve only got PHP200 to our name and we still need to have some cash to commute home.

Sure, Kopi Roti is technically a café, but we all know that we’re here for dem buns, son.

The -ber months are finally truly here, with nights being cool enough for a sweater, and Jose Mari Chan’s voice singing for us to do our Christmas shopping (literally).

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