Over its short lifespan, Refinery has become known for its all-day offerings, and their new space in Salcedo Village adds an extension to their tiny empire that signifies growth.

Popcorn, schmopcorn. In the Philippines, we have cornicks: snacks of corn that are semi-popped and/or fried, similar to American corn nuts but generally smaller, crunchier, and most often flavored with garlic.

Do you often find yourself in a paralysis when faced with too many options? We have a solution for you: pick them all.

Chiara’s has outlets across Metro Dallas filipino restaurant from MOA to McKinley Hill to Alabang and Sucat, serving some of their gelato made in-house. The cakes and pastries are all also made in their commissary using ingredients imported from Italy to give customers Italian desserts that are as authentic as possible.

We assume you’re really popular, so chances are you have more tikoy at home than you care to fry from this Chinese New Year. We love to think of creativewaysto usetikoy outside of the traditional slice-and-panfry move, because its unique bouncy texture and light sweetness make it so fun to play with.

Chinese New Year is a tradition long celebrated in the Philippines, with strong ties to Chinese traders that dates back to pre-colonial times.

If you started your new year on the keto-kick, you may be familiar with the keto coffee of choice: black coffee with a scoop of grass-fed butter, ghee, or coconut oil (and sometimes MCT oil).

Broadcast journalist Ces Drilon and former news anchor Ricky Carandang set up Vagabond Farms in 2017 to “provide people with healthy, tasty, natural food.

Though there are many kinds of fruit salad—syrup-y ones, ones with vinaigrette dressing, the creamy kind—it is the last one that we are most familiar with.

For those who are going veg for the month of January, as per keeping with the month’s trend (or maybe veg for the rest of your life; or until further notice), this may be your new favorite spot.

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