Even while Ikomai was just a stall in Salcedo Market, its owners already envisioned turning their kushikatsu into sandwiches. So in December last year, partners Taro Hori, Hideki Saeki, and James Antolin, opened Chatto Bites—a fast casual Japanese burger joint at Assembly Ground at The Rise Makati.

After our first sardines taste test came out, a bunch of our readers called us out for missing some of their favorite brands.

Tiramisu is traditionally made using coffee. And we honestly have no qualms with that.

Not everyone’s a fan of embutido; and we get it. Ground pork, hotdog, boiled eggs, relish, raisins—and then you can eat it cold? That’s pretty unsettling.

Caprese salad doesn’t require much else other than five or six ingredients.

Chicken soup is a quintessential sick-day recipe. It’s synonymous to comfort and healing; even inspiring its own namesake feel-good book series.

Margarine is an indispensable ingredient in any Filipino kitchen. The butter substitute is basically processed vegetable oil commonly used for cooking, baking, and flavoring.

It’s no secret that pastillas are easy to make. (Heck, you probably made it for class in grade school.

Everyone just loves to hate cheese pimiento. It’s not exactly what you’d want in a sandwich, and it’s not anyone’s first choice as an appetizer dip.

Butter sandwiches are the OG recess baon. The snack is made up of two (or three) soda crackers smeared with butter cream filling.

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