Online publication South China Morning Post (SCMP for short) went on a fast-food fried chicken crawl across some of Hong Kong’s most beloved fried chicken joints, and wouldn’t you know it, they declared Jollibee “by far our favorite of the day.

” Though they experienced some confusion with an overly complicated menu that can likely be compared to the front design of a jeepney (Sorry, SCMP. We love to fit everything we can onto a single canvas para sulit noh.), they discovered that they could indeed avail of just chicken for HKD17.

Writer Susan Jung described our nation’s dearly beloved chicken as “crunchy, flavorful, and not oily.” She says that “The chicken was served piping hot and the meat was moist, tender, and not too salty.” It is a small yet happy triumph for Chickenjoy on international shores, that brings OFWs that much closer to home with a bite into their signature crunchy chicken, and we’re sure Filipinos are grateful for the recognition of the joy-bearing chicken. But we do have one request for Susan Jung: Could you please try it with gravy and rice?

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