Jenny Santos-Silayan remembers vividly as a child, like many children who grew up with moms who bake, licking the batter off a wooden spoon as her mother finished a batch of brownies.

After becoming a mother herself, she left her corporate banking job to pursue a home-based baking business so that she could spend more time at home with her family.

Left: Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake | Right: Mini Alfajores

Though she had been selling her homemade baked goods since 2003 under ‘Fudgies by Jenny S.’ (then, Santos, and later on, the S stood for Silayan after getting married, she says), she decided a name-change was in order when she was invited by Dessert Comes First to join their Christmas Gift List event.

Under Sugarbee, that has more desserts than we can fathom and is constantly innovating new flavors, we found that two sweets that stand out. The first is their salted caramel chocolate cake. It’s swirling top that is sprinkled with amber-colored salt crystals is moist, smooth, and tempered with just enough saltiness to let the chocolate sing. The second is their bite-sized alfajores, that is perfect for snacking on while tempering your intake with its size, so you can tuck the bag away when you’ve had your sweet fill.

If you’re a chocolate cake kind of person, you will thank us after having tried Sugarbee’s version, available at Powerplant Mall’s Bakers Dozen on weekends.

Since starting Sugarbee, Silayan expresses how it’s been a wonderful tool in teaching her children responsibility. They enjoy suggesting new ideas, helping out in the kitchen, and have learned a thing or two about accounting through assisting her at events. “I have a [9 year old] daughter who loves to bake,” says Silayan, and this young home-baker can even make her own French macarons. “… and I want her to be my R&D,” laughs Silayan.


Sugarbee is a home-based baking business best known for their salted caramel cake.

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