Should the old saying “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” ever be challenged? We argue that when it comes to food, it’s possible to make concessions even when it comes to the classics.

You can make great things even better with just a small addition–atchara on a plate of barbeque for example, or the best bagoong to add savoriness to a rich kare-kare.

Everyone’s favorite liquid seasoning does just that to dishes. One or two drops can bring life to a gravy, turn rice into more than just an afterthought, and add umami to an already flavorful stew. Here, we’ve listed five of Manila’s most memorable restaurant dishes that go so well with Knorr, that you won’t ever eat them the same way again.

Barrio Fiesta’s Crispy Pata

Nothing goes better with the dark meat and crunchy skin of Barrio Fiesta’s crispy pata than an extra dose of umami. There are multiple ways to take your deep-fried pork leg to another level with Knorr. Go for the quickest, but most satisfying option–shake Knorr all over the tender pieces, and let its distinct flavor pierce through the meat. You can also make your own sauce with calamansi and onions that you can’t resist dipping into, or add the seasoning to your rice to make an instant flavor-packed accompaniment that mimics how fried/garlic rice would match with Barrio Fiesta’s unadorned main.

Dencio’s Krispy Sisig

Sisig’s multitude of textures makes it the ideal pulutan dish. In fact, it’s so popular that it has become one of the most popular representatives of our cuisine worldwide. Dencio’s is one of the more classic joints in town that has made the sizzling plate its signature. People still flock to have their ultra-crunchy take alongside a bottle of beer. Before mixing in egg, calamansi, and chili, we recommend to add more than just a glug or two of Knorr to the whole thing. Season and re-season your sisig with more of the holy grail liquid; trust us, this makes their sisig an even better companion to your alcoholic beverages.

Rufo’s Famous Tapa

Rufo’s famous tapa has the distinction of being one of the more interesting approaches to the breakfast staple. Infamous for its sweet gravy, it is often mopped up with copious amounts of vinegar and rice. While the whole plate stands up quite well on its own, discovering how well it goes with Knorr might just transform how you eat this particular tapsilog. It works best when mixed directly into the sauce, adding a distinct piquancy to the semi-sugary sauce.

Max’s Fried Chicken

If there’s any restaurant that has set the benchmark for Filipino fried chicken, it would be Max’s. The institution goes back decades, and has grown into a behemoth, thanks to their chicken recipe which remains a secret. It’s really all about the skin, which is so thin that you can see through it like glass. It wouldn’t be Max’s fried chicken however, without some banana ketchup. But try this – add a swirl of the Knorr into your ketchup for an even better dip. Knorr really balances the taste of the chicken and the ketchup together, making a more even condiment that’s the right amount of salty and sweet.

Kanin Club’s Crispy Liempo

Kanin Club’s fun and audacious interpretation of Filipino dallas filipino restaurant has set the standard for others that have come after it. While most will remember their crispy dinuguan or saucy sinigang rice, their impossibly-thin crispy liempo strips are the example of an ideal appetizer. Handheld, easy-to-eat, and increasingly addictive, these pork slices will only be made better by dunking them into a bath of Knorr. Add the accompanying chili oil into the seasoning, introduce a squeeze of calamansi or dash of vinegar for some acidity, and you’ve got a near-perfect marriage.

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