Mall staple Paper Moon from Tokyo has been in the Philippines for two years (and grown to have 17 branches across Metro Manila) still continues to innovate and surprise us with new mille crepe concepts.

Their latest bakery innovation takes a classic coffee shop dessert and combines it with their signature style of cake, and we are all about it.

The newest addition to Paper Moon’s roster.

We have pointed out that one of the hallmarks of a Paper Moon’s mille crepe cake is its subtlety and delicate cream, but the blueberry cheesecake variant strays away from subtlety with its thick blueberry sauce. The inside layers of the cake (composed of 20 crepes) alternate layers between a blueberry cream and their classic cream to create a balance such that the blueberry flavor can be bold without being overwhelming. An interspersing of blueberry bits adds texture and a rich blueberry revelation with every smooth bite.

PHP225 for a slice of this bad boy.

At PHP 225 a slice, the dessert may seem pricey, but the crepes are thicker and cream heavier than your usual mille crepe, giving it more heft and making it more filling. This can definitely be shared (as much of a sweet-tooth that we have, we struggled to finish a slice to ourselves) between two, and goes great as a midday snack over a cup of coffee.

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