The range of commercially available sweet snacks can be repetitive to navigate with the usual cookies, wafers, and cream-filled snack cakes, but here’s one relatively novel sight from the local supermarket shelf: pancake sandwiches, care of Jack n’ Jill’s new line of “pancake pockets”, Sunny Side.

Pancake sandwiches are nothing new in themselves, being a popular treat in Japan that goes by the name ofdorayaki, but we sure haven’t seen them this tiny—a little less than two inches in diameter, to be exact. They’re adorable to look at, giving us all sorts of ideas for the whimsical miniature tea parties we’d thought could only be possible in our imagination, but how do they actually fare in flavor?

A package gets you two sandwiches, each of which is made with two thin “pancakes” and a layer of their respective filling. The “pancakes” themselves carry a texture that is dry and stiff but simultaneously oily, similar to that of other pre-packaged snack cakes, e.g. Monde’s Mamon or Lemon Square’s Inipit, though with a tighter crumb (due to its flatness) and just a touch more rubberiness that they can still be bent moderately without breaking. Meanwhile, the filling inside comes in a very thin layer that is more concentrated toward the middle, leaving the outer edges bare, and takes on a consistency similar to a slightly sticky but smooth curd. It doesn’t look like much at first, but when you take a bite you’ll find the proportions to be just right as the filling provides just enough moisture to counter the pancake’s slight dryness. And while the filling doesn’t cover the entire pancake’s surface, it hardly matters—each pancake in its entirety is small enough that you can consume the whole piece in one or two bites, letting you savor the filling-saturated centers immediately.

The Chocolate variant isn’t the most chocolatey, but it gets the job done.

You have the choice between two variants: Chocolate, labelled as “chocolate cream-filled pancake sandwiches”, and Banana Caramel, labelled as “banana-flavored pancake sandwiches with caramel-flavored filling”. The Chocolate variant admittedly isn’t very deep or dark, with a “cream” that tastes more of thick, fruity chocolate syrup (similar to that of Quake Cakes) than anything of the ganache sort, but it’s serviceable for a cheap treat and goes down well with a glass of milk. The Banana Caramel is what really caught our attention: while the banana on the “banana flavored pancakes” takes on an artificial turn that evokes imitation banana extract than actual fruit, it also comes just subtle enough to contribute its tropical essence that goes really well with the more-milky-than-burnt, but nonetheless luscious, caramel filling.

Our favorite has to be the Banana Caramel variant; though a tad chemical-tasting, you still get luscious, milky caramel goodness.

While these pancake pockets have nothing on the real-deal stuff, lacking the fluffy softness and buttery taste of a scratch-made flapjack and coming up short on real chocolate or banana flavor, they pack plenty of satisfaction in a most endearing, shrunken-down package. You nonetheless get the cake-meets-filling joys of pancake sandwiches, right from your very own pocket.

Have you tried these snacks? What are your favorite pancake-themed treats? Hit us up in the comments below.

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