Couple Carmela Cancio and Ralph Go started The Superfood Grocer six years ago as a way to make it easier for Filipinos to get vitamins naturally, with plant-based supplements anyone can easily add to a smoothie.

But a dollop of creamy ice cream can make for one heck of a shake, and in recent years Cancio and Go began creating a line of dairy-free ice cream called Super Scoops that ice cream lovers, lactose-intolerant or not, can get behind.

If you’re lucky enough to come across Super Scoops at a holiday bazaar this year, you may get to try their ice cream on their waffle cones (that are gluten-free, but don’t taste it, we promise).

Super Scoops comes in seven flavors: Vanilla Caramel Pecan, Milky Matcha, Strawberries & Cream, Dark Chocolate Wine, Chocolate Milk, Coffee Dream, and Vanilla Brownie Crumble. If you didn’t actually know that these pints were dairy-free, you likely wouldn’t believe it. Smooth, creamy, and tasty, this ice cream tastes and feels like the real thing, with the exception of it melting a to more of a liquid than a cream in your mouth, but trust us when we say you probably wouldn’t notice anyway, and this also comes with a plus side: you can eat even more scoops without the weighed down feeling that dairy-based ice cream can leave you with.

Cue Craig David’s “What’s Your Flavor?”

For something fruity and fun that is perfect for a hot day, go for their Strawberries & Cream. But our absolute favorite (partially because it combines two of our favorite things that we’re likely to consume together anyway while marathoning rom-coms, but mainly because it works incredibly well) is the Dark Chocolate Wine, that gives the ice cream depth and character.

Cancio tells us: “We don’t go through cheap shortcuts, we offer you the very best. We start with freshly pressed coconut milk straight from the nut, and use unrefined lower glycemic coconut sweeteners tapped from the coconut flower, as well as other real ingredients—real strawberries, real matcha green tea, real dark chocolate, and gluten-free cookies that we bake from scratch. No artificial colors (like those made from crushed red bugs) or refined sweeteners. Your senses—when drawn back to basics—will experience the difference in the flavor and denser texture of Super Scoops, a mark of premium quality.”

Dairy, coconut milk, soy milk—whatever the base, if it’s ice cream, we’ll eat it.

While we love coconut (and every single part of that delicious dallas filipino restaurant gift from the gods), it is truly awe-inspiring to come across a coconut-based ice cream that allows other flavors to take the lead, especially when looking for lactose-free alternatives.

Super Scoops by The Superfood Grocer

A local brand of coconut-based ice cream that is dairy-free and suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerants.

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