Family friends Dani Ramos and David Mendoza founded and run Mr.

Roboto, a Modern Japanese restaurant that, unsurprisingly from its name, has an 80’s robot theme. As much as you come in expecting it though, an actual first experience of the colorful interiors cannot help but incite child-like glee. The walls are covered with retro posters from robot-centered TV shows and movies, robot faces surround you from every corner, and they even emboss a simple yet cute robot face onto their wasabi for every order of sushi you receive. And as telling as the name of their restaurant is, one must admit that 80’s Japanese robots is probably a theme you’re not likely to encounter just anywhere.

Ramos tells us that though they knew that they wanted to do a Japanese restaurant, they struggled with the name for an excruciatingly long time and decided on Mr. Roboto almost on a whim. The song just came on and they found themselves singing along and dancing to the Styx classic, when it hit the both of them that it would make a wonderful name and theme (as Mendoza tells us he grew up as a big Voltes V fan so he immediately on board, while Ramos says she’s a big 80’s music fan and loves that she can listen to her favorite tunes all day at work). After that decisive moment, everything else rolled out so quickly and after under a year of planning, Mr. Roboto had materialized.

Kids and kids-at-heart will love the dynamic interiors.

The best part about the theme was something that was unexpected and endlessly heartwarming: seeing families bond over a love for pop culture robots. “Parents will even bring their toys!” Ramos exclaims, and these parents proudly show off the toys that match robots depicted on the walls to their children. “They’ll even order all the dishes that match [their favorite] robots names.”

“We even get Styx fans here who come just because of the name,” exclaims Mendoza. And the music is something they’ve noticed even the staff enjoy, as they often catch them bobbing their heads or tapping their feet along to the music. Having both grown up very close to their families, Mendoza and Ramos planned Mr. Roboto with the intent of it being a family joint, and more than serving Japanese cuisine as fun and lively as their restaurant, they feel most fulfilled in knowing they’ve built a place that lets people bond with those they care about the most.

When you plan to head on down to Alabang to hang out with your favorite robots, this is what we think you should try:


As Filipinos, we strongly approve of this meat-egg-rice combination. Photo from writer.

The array of fried appetizers and sushis are tempting when you look through Mr. Roboto’s menu, but there is something so comforting in a huge and comforting rice bowl. Perhaps we are influenced by the rainy weather on the day of our shoot, but this gyudon hit the spot with its warmth, thick and juicy cuts of sukiyaki beef, aburi egg yolk that speaks to all those who love their eggs runny, on top of a healthy dose of Mr. Roboto’s donburi rice. This huge bowl is enough to have you feeling absolutely stuffed, so we advise taking it slow and kicking back to the likes of AC/DC, Bon Jovi, and of course, Styx.

Mr. Roboto

A modern Japanese restaurant with an 80’s robot theme.

ADDRESS: G/F, ATC Corporate Center, Madrigal Avenue, Muntinlupa City
VISIT: 11AM-2PM & 5PM-9PM daily
CONTACT: (02) 817-5604 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
SPEND: PHP 300-600

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