Proudly from CDO, where many a sweet local mango is grown, Katleen Salise thought it strange that most dried mangoes come from Visayas.

Wanting to offer a snack that stood out from grocery-store dried mangoes and create a pasalubong-esque that people could purchase as a uniquely CDO-grown product, Salise together with her husband founded Mangoleit in 2013, a brand of chocolate covered dried mangoes using their local fruit.

While they had a clear product in mind, family and work swept them away from their side project, and Mangoleit was shelved  for several years until they revived it just January of this year. While they admit the product currently uses a form of compound chocolate, they are working closely with DOA and DTI to make the product more distinctly from their region by replacing that coating with Mindanao-produced dark chocolate.

Unlike the flat, glazed, thick chocolate-coated dried mangoes you typically find in pasalubong stores, Mangoleit’s are more chewy, akin almost to fruit leathers.

In the meantime, their product that they proudly label “tatak Cagayan” boasts a texture and taste that is dissimilar from those on the market, with something less cloying and more fruit-forward. We look forward to seeing how they develop soon with chocolate from a growing local cacao region.


Chocolate covered dried mangoes from Cagayan De Oro.

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