Chef Arnold Bernardo recalls dulce de leche always having been a part of his household, before he even understood what it was or what it was called.

“My mom and my sister used to boil canned condensed milk for three hours in water,” he says. “I grew up with that.” It’s probably a common sweet cooked up in Filipino households, he muses, as he recalls his family adding their three-hour concoction to cakes and other various confections at home. But it was just last year when the idea to create flavored dulce de leche popped into his head after a frustration with grocery options.

Our favorite flavors are limoncello and coconut, but there are 8 flavors fun flavors including the daring salted egg dulce de leche (made from a homemade salted egg mix) and parmesan dulce de leche.

“I decided to infuse Filipino ingredients and natural flavors,” he tells us. “You can never make a good product using bad ingredients. Plus, we want to elevate Filipino products through innovation. All of our products have a touch of something Filipino, so we want to make sure our products are still Filipino and yet we cater to a global audience.”

The textures of the dulce de leche flavors vary widely since they are flavored with real elements and not artificial flavoring.

Chef Arnold has become something of a maestro when it comes to bottled and preserved food, having over 50 variants under his brand that range from the savory to the sweet. But it’s his Dulce De Leche line that captured our eye, with the clean packaging, the simple concept, and the drool-worthy execution.


Homemade dulce de leche using local or natural flavors.

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